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Use as an anchor for dentures
  • Use as an anchor for dentures
  • Immediate Denture Stabilization

Unstable DENTURES?

Loss of confidence to smile?

Fear of denture dropping out of your mouth

  while dinning with friends?

We have a short one-visit solution for you.

With a new technology in implant dentistry, the “Mini-Implant System” is placed in your jawbone in one short visit, then immediately after the procedure You will be ready to chew and ¬†enjoy your ¬†favorite meal with confidence.

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In one short procedure you can have a stable denture with no
surgical sutures nor the typical months of healing in most cases.

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Loose Dentures?

Now there is a new and immediate solution for loose dentures! This is done with Mini dental implant system.

How can mini dental implants help denture wearers?

The mini dental implant system calls for four of the 1.8 mm mini dental implants which are about the size of wooden toothpicks to be gently placed into the front of the patient's jaw(s) . It is a relatively painless procedure and can be performed, usually only requiring a mild anesthesia. Your denture is then carefully adjusted tot allow it to snap onto the four mini implants. The result? A tight fitting, completely reliable system, that allows you to speak and eat with confidence. All performed in one visit , then you may use it to enjoy your favorite meal immediately after the procedure is completed.

Mini dental implant Advantages:

  • Existing dentures can be retrofitted chairside.
  • Preservation of bone level from day one .
  • No invasive surgery and or grafts.

    Bone resorption begins with absence of healthy natural teeth Bone levels are preserved around implants the sooner implants are placed