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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Often Need to be Removed?

Wisdom teeth or third molars-come in behind the upper and lower molars usually between the ages of 17 and 21. Unfortunately problems can develop that may require their removal. Third molars can become impacted when the jaw is not large enough to accommodate them. Sometimes they may emerge only partially from the gum, grow sideways, or even remain completely trapped between the gum and bone.

When wisdom teeth erupt only partially, and opening is left for bacteria to enter around the tooth and cause infection. If impacted wisdom teeth continue growing without enough room, they can damage or eventually destroy the teeth next to them.

Extraction may also be required when impacted wisdom teeth cause a fluid-filled cyst or tumor, which can destroy surrounding bone or tooth roots.






Oral Surgery

  • Removal of pathologic tissues of the oral cavity. 
  • Removal of teeth that cannot be restored.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth removal.
  • Impacted teeth exposure for orthodontics and to aid tooth eruptions.
  • Preprosthetic oral/periodontal surgery.
  • Bone grafting.

Impacted wisdom tooth causing decay on the adjacent tooth.