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  • Sterilization and patient Safety


Is Autoclaving the Only Way to Sterilize Dental Equipment? Our office uses various methods to sterilize and disinfect. All dental instruments are cleaned and then sterilized after each patient's visit by methods that kill the AIDS virus and other microscopic organisms capable of causing disease. Common acceptable sterilization methods include an autoclave that uses steam under pressure, dry heat in an oven like environment and chemical vapor sterilization.
Disinfection procedures are used on surfaces and equipment that cannot be removed for cleaning and sterilization, such as counter tops, drawer handles, x-ray unit heads and light handles. Disinfection is done in the treatment room between patients to assure that the room is clean for each patient. For your protection, we adhere to infection control procedures known as "universal precautions." We use the same infection control measures for every patient.

We are always open to discuss our infection control procedures. Please, ask us if you have any questions.     (301) 439-3917.